Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond

7 ratings

Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond

Valerie Jardin
7 ratings

This 76 page ebook is designed for beginner to advanced street photographers. It will help you get started in street photography as well as give you tips to step up your game and make stronger images. 

The book is divided into three parts:

1. Getting Started
2. Different ways to approach street photography
3. Elements that make a strong street photograph

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

Here is a short video intro of the book: https://youtu.be/IgkqtkiZheQ

Valerie Jardin

What readers say about the book...

"Valerie is THE expert on street photography and this book contains everything you need to know about photographing in the streets. First Steps and Beyond is an absolute gem and a must read for street photographers. Valerie shares her very practical and expert advice for all levels wanting to learn and improve their skills. This ebook is so easy to read and follow and it includes beautiful photographs and examples that complement the subject and text. It covers so many broad and important topics for anyone who enjoys traveling to new places and wants to photograph with confidence in the streets. The book is well written, nicely organized, and covers every aspect of the genre. The only thing better than this book would be to make it real and join Valerie on one of her amazing workshops. You won’t regret it!" ~ Chris Payant 

“A wonderful book with terrific inspiration. Can't wait to put your advice into action. My favorite piece of advice was about shooting in various night lighting, crank up the ISO and let the deep shadows fall where they may. I have been intimidated by shooting at night and losing detail in the past. I'm excited to try again. Thank you!!” ~ Angela Fulks

"Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond. As I read it, this book is written from the perspective of a photographer-teacher wanting to help students find their vision in the street photography genre. And having taken four of Valerie’s workshops myself, I can say that what you read is the authentic Valerie Jardin.

Authenticity comes through because Valerie writes in a direct manner, much like how she teaches her workshops. She prepares her students with some general parameters – mirrored in the book – and shows numerous examples to illustrate the concepts. This is reflected in the book’s topics, like giving information about how to observe people on the streets, what’s ethically acceptable to photograph, the idea of minimalism as a design concept, how to start with performers, and how to incorporate the urban environment into images. She even gives you tips and tricks on how to approach people if you are not used to doing it.

Not laden with heavy jargon, Valerie writes in a way that helps the average person understand the basics of design as it relates to street photography. She covers topics like compositional framing, isolating subjects, using natural lighting, and making eye contact. But don’t confuse this with a “how to use a camera” or “the ultimate guide to photography” book. You should know some basics, like what depth of field is, the Rule of Thirds, aperture, and so forth. Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond is about taking your talent and applying it to the genre of street photography." ~ Alec R. Hosterman, May 11, 2016

“I just finished reading Valerie's new ebook ‘Street Photography-First Steps and Beyond’ It's really a must read for those of us interested in learning the art of street photography. It's well written, gives great examples through Valerie's own images and makes a great foundation from which to begin...or get better for that matter. It's 76 pages long, or should I say "short" I couldn't believe how quickly I read through it...and wanted it to go on and on....I will definitely read it again.” ~ Marty Fenstersheib

"I just read Valerie Jardin’s little ebook, Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond. It’s a great addition to my street photography library. She clearly lays out the issues one addresses when doing street photography, and also provides a great explanation of the critical components of great images. Along with this she includes clear examples from her portfolio to illustrate these principles. And it comes at a very affordable price point!" ~ Bill Lindsley

"Valerie's style of teaching is quite simple to understand even by a layman...she is simply incomparable and wonderful teacher." Sandeep Datta

"This is a wonderful book. I'm new to photography and working on learning the technicalities, but this book really helped me understand the mindset that has to accompany the technical abilities needed for good street photography. Looking forward to the next book, but in the meantime going to read this one all over again." Hj  Daugherty


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