The Art of Seeing Photographically

Valerie Jardin
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A 101 page book to help you learn to see photographically. Take control of your gear and create more impactful imagery.

Whether you photograph landscapes, still-life, people, or anything in between, the goal of this book is to help you put more intent in your photography. Each section is filled with examples drawn from my own collection as well as assignments to give you a little push to go out with your camera and practice a new technique or learn to see in a new way.

It never hurts to go back to basics, no matter how long you’ve been a photographer or what the degree of expertise you think you have.

Table of Contents

Part I: Putting more intent in your photography 

Seeing light - Work your frame - Watch your background - Timing 

Part II: Back to Basics

Focus point and depth of field - Positioning your subject in the frame - Framing - Lines - Patterns and collections - Crop in camera - Less is More - Change your point of view - Tilt like you mean it! - Color draws the eye - Signage - Reflections - Textures - Working with contrasts

Part III: A more personal approach to travel photography

Make your own iconic images of a landmark - Travel Storytelling - Think like the editor of a travel magazine 

Part IV: More ways to grow your skills

The minimalist eye - The power of limitations - Limit yourself to one prime lens - Limit yourself to a number of frames - The importance of personal projects


"Just finished reading The Art of Seeing Photographically. As usual, it was a delight to read and also to have the opportunity to see more of your work.

Your ability to weave the technical bits and the aesthetics of photography together in your narrative is more interesting and illuminating than the writing of any other photographer whose material I have read. Whilst I do pick up useful learning from reading their material, it is 'staccato' - each bit detached from the next bit. What you achieve is linking the different elements of photography together in a way that makes it flow. It is the story of becoming a better photographer rather than a laundry list or checklist of things to bear in mind. You capture the spirit, indeed the essence, of photography rather than merely cataloguing and summing up the details and providing a series of exercises to carry out.

I believe that having read The Art of Seeing Photographically, I will be able to take my photography skills to the next level. I've realized on my own that I need to slow down and be more focused on creating better shots, but your message of 'photographing with intent' couldn't be more important.

Once again I want to thank you for all that you do to unlock the wonders of painting with light. You are not simply a gifted photographer but a truly inspirational teacher as well." ~ Heidi, U.K.

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The Art of Seeing Photographically

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